Voltammetric Analysis of New Psychoactive Substances

Patil, Ketan ; Pandey, Astha (2021-12-28)

Original Article

New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) are synthetic drugs that create similar effects as various narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances. Different NPS such as mephedrone, synthacaine, synthetic cannabinoids, etc. are available today which are sold across numerous platforms like drug markets, head shops, the dark web, etc. They are emerging rapidly and becoming popular in society because of their variable nature and ease in avoiding breaking the law. Consequently, their analysis is extremely crucial in the prohibition of drug abuse and the development of laboratory methods. This review introduces a broad overview of the analysis of various new psychoactive substances by voltammetric techniques such as cyclic voltammetry, differential pulse voltammetry, square wave voltammetry, stripping voltammetry etc. It also focuses on various methodologies that were developed for the detection of these NPS which play a leading role in forensic investigation by providing a rapid, sensitive, and cost-effective platform of analysis. The need for the advancement of various detection methods and analysis of more drugs is additionally discussed.