Sodomy of Adolescent Males Presented to Pediatric Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic: A Case Series

Seif, Iman A. ; Diab, Iman H. ; Ibrahim, Soha A. L. A. ; Hussein, Heba Abdel-Samie M. ; Ghitani, Sara A. (2020-06)


Abstract Traditional Arab culture hides male sexual abuse and considers it a shame. Instead of treating male victims of sexual assault, they are often stigmatized as homosexual individuals. Moreover, guardians of sexually abused boys are also negatively affected. They have to choose between reporting abuse to a legal authority with the risk of labeling their child or keeping a close eye on them to prevent further abuse. However, reporting abuse to healthcare authorities does take place. Disclosing sexual abuse in the privacy of a psychiatric clinic is often the only way for victims to be successfully treated for the psychological effects of such abuse.