Study of Fatal Firearm Cases in Allahabad Region, India

Archana, Kau ; Faraz, Rahat ; Rajesh1, Rai ; Sonkar, Vinod K. (2020-06)


Abstract This study was done to assess the pattern of firearm injuries in Allahabad amongst medicolegal autopsies in the mortuary of Swaroop Rani Nehru Hospital, MotiLal Nehru Medical College, India. It was a descriptive study including fatal cases of firearm injury which underwent autopsy from 1st of January 2015 to 30th July 2016. The demographic information regarding the victims was obtained from the inquest report, person accompanying the victim, their friends and relatives. Autopsy reports were also used to gather additional information. Parameters studied included age and sex of the victim, site of firearm injury and manner of death. In our study, out of 4,445 autopsies, 63 were cases of firearm injury. From these cases, 58 were homicidal, 3 were suicidal, and 1 was accidental. The results show that the age group most commonly affected was 31-40 years (26.98%). Male to female ratio was 6.9:1. The most common targeted part of the body was the chest (61.0%).