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    • United Nations Standards in the Field of Criminal Justice and Crime Prevention 

      البشري، محمد الأمين; أحمد، محسن عبد الحميد; Mohammed Al-Bashari : Mohsen Ahmed (جامعة نايف العربية للعلوم الامنية, 1998)
      The program of the United Nations to prevent crime and criminal justice focuses for the time being on promoting the use of United Nations’ standards and norms that already exist and not working creating new standards and ...
    • Urban Overcrowding and Terrorism 

      موسى، مصطفى محمد محمد; Mustafa Mohammed Musa (Naif Arab University for Security Sciences, 2010)
    • Urban Planning and its Effect on Civil Defense Programs 

      عفيفي، أحمد كمال الدين; الغامدي، يحيى بن علي دماس; Yahya Ali Damas Al‐Ghamdi :. Ahmed Kamal Afifi (2010)
      This book presents a detailed overview of the effects of various features of urban planning on the design and implementation of civil defense programs. It details many different areas of urban planning such as distribution ...
    • Use of Modem Means in Criminal Investigation from the Perspectives of Sharia and Secular Law 

      جمال محمود البدور وآخرون; Jamal Mahmoud Bdour and others (جامعة نايف العربية للعلوم الأمنيةNaif Arab University for Security Sciences, 2008)
      A panel of experts wrote a book on the use of modern means of criminal investigation from the perspectives of Sharia and modern law. The content of the book which was published in 2007 incorporate around seven pertinent ...
    • The Use of the Internet in Financing Terrorism and Terrorist Recruitment 

      مركز الدراسات والبحوث; Studies and Research Center (جامعة نايف العربية للعلوم الأمنيةNaif Arab University for Security Sciences, ٢٠١٢)
      Riyadh 2012 This book contains seven detailed academic papers presented at a symposium held by the university on 09 – 11/05/2011 entitled: The Use of the Internet in Financing Terrorism and Terrorist Recruitment. Two of ...
    • Victims of Crime 

      محمد عارف عثمان; Mohammed Arif Osman and others (1990)
      An international attention has been given recently to the study of victims of crimes especially during the conferences organized by the United Nations which deal with crimes and offenders. One of these conferences was held ...
    • Victomology and Its Applications in Arab Countries 

      البشري، محمد الأمين; M. Al-Amin Al-Bushri (جامعة نايف العربية للعلوم الأمنيةNaif Arab University for Security Sciences, 2005)
      The present book represents a modest endeavor to promote the role of society in the system of criminal justice through crime victims and their legitimate rights. The book has expounded on the following subjects: - Victomology: ...
    • Violence among the Algerian high school students 

      ابن دريدي، فوزي أحمد; Fawzi Ahmed Draidi (2007)
      Violence has increased in the Algerian society and led to the appearance of the terrorism phenomenon and extremism. This has led to the appearance of some violent acts like stealth, suicide, suicide attempts, hitting, curs, ...
    • Vocational Specialization in the Realm of After-Care 

      عمر، معن خليل; Ma'an Khalil Al-Omar. (جامعة نايف العربية للعلوم الأمنيةNaif Arab University for Security Sciences, 2006)
      All in all, the present book represents an endeavour to emphasize the need for more attention to be extended to the prisoners in the after-care phase. As an expression of such care, priority is to be assigned to the ...
    • Waqf (Religious Endowment) in islamic sharia: Purpose, Social and religious Dimensions 

      أبا الخيل، سليمان بن عبد الله بن حمود; Sulaiman Abdullah Aba Al-Khail (جامعة نايف العربية للعلوم الأمنيةNaif Arab University for Security Sciences, 2008)
      Endowments within the context of Islamic jurisprudence in particular and Islamic Sharia at large were focus for the book written by S.A. Aba Alkhail under the title Endowments in Islamic Sharia. It is noteworthy that the ...
    • Wars and Disasters and their impact on Arab children’s conditions 

      فرح، محمد سعيد; Mohamed Said Farah and others; حجازي, مصطفى; عبد الرحيم, عدنان; الأعرجي, نزيهة محي الدين; إسماعيل. خلف الله (1989)
      Arab children have faced in more than one occasion in this decade too many experiences associated with unusual circumstances such as wars, earthquakes, floods, drought and foreign occupation. This book includes several ...
    • Water and food security in Saudi Arabia: Reality and Expectations 

      الزهراني، خضران بن حمدان; منير، صديق الطيب; Khadran Bin Hamdan Al Zahrani & Sadeeq Al Tayeb Moneer (2007)
      This book comes in the form of a guidebook and a reference to provide accurate scientific information on the current status of food and water security in Saudi Arabia, also to provide information on the opportunities and ...
    • Water and Future Security Requirements in Arab Countries 

      المجذوب، طارق; Tariq Al-Majdhub (جامعة نايف العربية للعوم الامنية, 1999)
    • Ways of Producing Awareness Media Programs to Prevent Drugs Damages 

      عقبات، أحمد مطهر; Ahmed Mtahar Akabat (2008)
      The awareness case of harmful effects of drugs, and the prevention of its diffusion, is considered as a national duty, draws attention to the entrances of media work, by combining between its various arts to harness them ...
    • Wine in Islamic Sharia Rules 

      المعتق، مساعد المعتق محمد; Sheikh. Msaed Moateq (1985)
      Scholars differ in their opinions to determine what is wine because of its differences according to the linguists. Most people agree with the most of scholars that wine is everything that intoxicates the mind and inebriate ...
    • Women’s Prisons 

      التركي، مصطفى; Mustafa Al-Turki (جامعة نايف العربية للعلوم الامنيةNaif Arab University for Security Sciences, 1997)
    • Youth and Leisure Time 

      خليل، عثمان سيد أحمد; Osman Sidahmed Mohammed Khalil (Naif Arab University for Security Sciences, 2001)
    • احتجاز الرهائن 

      كر ليستن, رونالد; زابو, دنس (دار جامعة نايف للنشر, 1992)
    • استخدام التقنية الحديثة في مجال أنشطة الدفاع المدني = Use of modern technology in civil defence activities / عبد الغفار عفيفي الدويك. 

      الدويك، عبد الغفار عفيفي (دار جامعة نايف للنشر, 2014)
      - The digital revolution represented in the current information and communication systems has changed several administrative, security and strategic concepts. Most developed and advanced countries rely mainly on modern ...
    • استخدام الوسائل النفسية في الكشف عن الجريمة 

      الغماز, إبراهيم أبراهيم; المجدوب, أحمد علي; عدس, عبد الرحمن; مصطفى, محمد الحافظ; الشمري, منور ناشي; لوبورن, جون أيف; حلمي, فارس; الأخرس, صفوح; الدريب, سعود سعد; الخالدي, عطا الله; أبو شعيشع, السيد; الحاج, عثمان محمد (دار جامعة نايف للنشر, 1988)