Age, Sex and Stature Estimation from Footprint Dimensions

Singh, Paurbhi ; Yadav, Baljeet (2017-06-06)


Abstract: Objectives: The present study was carried out to evaluate the utility and reliability of footprint dimensions in age, sex and stature determination in the North Indian population. Materials and Methods: This study was carried out using a sample of 400 people (146 female and 254 male) aged 10-65 years in Uttar Pradesh, North Western state of India. Footprints of both feet were taken bilaterally, and thus a total of 800 prints were obtained. A cluster of 7 measurements were taken carefully with the help of a scientific scale ruler. Five measurements were length dimensions from the most anterior part of the toe (T1–T5) to the mid rear heel point and two were breadth dimensions from both left and right footprints: breadth at ball (BBAL), breadth at heel (BHEL) and 2 indexes: heel-ball Index (HBI) and footprint index (FPI). All data were analyzed statistically using Student’s t-test, regression coefficient and Pearson’s correlation for the estimation of sex on the basis of footprint dimensions. Results: The T1 in left footprints was greater than right footprints in males, while T1 and BBAL were both found to be greater in left footprints than right footprints in females. All the seven foot dimensions were higher in males than females. Conclusion: There were statistically significant differences observed in all footprint dimensions between the male and female footprints except LFPI, LHBI, and RHBI.

المستخلص: أجريت الدراسة الحالية من أجل تقييم إمكانية استخدام أبعاد طبقة القدم في تحديد كل من العمر والجنس والقامة عند سكان شمال الهند، والتي يمكن أن تساعد في التحقيقات عن طريق تضييق القامة المحتملة للأشخاص المشتبه بهم، ... .