Safety in Tourist Facilities - Applied Study on Children's Amusement Parks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Al-Beshi, Muhammed Naser ; البيشي, محمد ناصر (2016)


Abstract This book deals with safety requirements and means of protection that should be available in tourist facilities, especially in children’s playgrounds at public parks and in children’s amusement parks in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The book offers some practical solutions to achieve a higher level of safety in these facilities. It clarifies the degree of application of the terms and conditions of safety included in the safety requirements list. It also shows the means of protection to be available in public tourist facilities, children’s playgrounds in public parks, and in amusement parks. This is due to the escalating incidents taking place at the amusement parks and children’s playgrounds compared to the incidents taking place in other tourist facilities. The book comprises five chapters. The first chapter includes the problem of the study and its dimensions. It also includes the objectives of the study; its questions; its importance; its limitations; and a review of relative concepts; terminology; and pertinent previous studies. The second chapter addresses the theoretical background of the study through the following topics: - The concept of safety, its requirements and bodies responsible for their availability; - Tourism and tourist facilities; - Accidents at tourist facilities; and - Application of safety at tourist facilities. The third chapter expounds the methodological procedures of the study. It views the type of the study, its methodology, study sample, data collection tool, procedures for validity and reliability, study variables, and the statistical methods used by the researcher in the analysis of the study data. In the fourth chapter, the author views and analyzes data of the study and discusses its findings. The study in chapter five includes the conclusion, findings and