Acute Cyanide Poisoning from Jewelry Cleaning Solutions

Waer, Ines Bel ; Masri, Wafa ; Chaouali, Nedia ; Khlifi, Fathia ; Gana, Ines ; Nouioui, Anouar ; Salah, Dorra Ben ; Amira, Dorra ; Ghorbel, Hayet ; Hedhili, Abderrazzek (2015-05)


Cyanide is one of the most lethal and devastating poisons. It causes acute toxicity through smoke inhalation simultaneously with carbon monoxide, or by ingestion of cyanide salts that are commonly used in metallurgy and in jewelry or textile industries. Cyanide intoxication is an extremely rare event; in the present study, we report a case of cyanide poisoning involving a 25-year-old jeweler, who ingested a jewelry cleaning solution containing potassium cyanide in a suicide attempt.