Determination of Cyanide in Biological and Non-biological Matrices by Headspace Gas Chromatography Coupled to Flame-Ionization Detector

Shafi, Humera ; Subhani, Adeel ; Imran, Muhammad ; Watoo, Sardar Ali ; Sarwar, Muhammad ; Saeed-ul-Hassan, Syed ; Latif, Abida ; Ashiq, Muhammad Zar ; Tahir, M. Ashraf ; Tahir, Ammar M. (2015-05)


A simple, rapid and reliable method for quantitation of cyanide was developed on a headspace gas chromatograph coupled to a flame ionization detector using a HP-Innovax (Polyethylene glycol bonded) column on an Agilent 7890A GC. Cyanide in blood or other matrices was liberated by conversion of potassium cyanide to the volatile hydrogen cyanide (HCN) through addition of 5N sulfuric acid in a headspace vial and analyzed using an Agilent G1888 headspace auto-sampler. HCN gas diffuses into the headspace above the specimen in a sealed vial based on Henry’s Law of partial pressure.