Crimes on Violence: Methods of Countering in Arab Countries

جرائم العنف وأساليب مواجهتها في الدول العربية / عباس أبو شامة عبد المحمود.

عبد المحمود، عباس أبو شامة ; Abbas Abu Shamah (2004)



As a whole, the present book presents an exhaustive discourse on the phenomenon of violence and organized crime. It is attaining prominence in Arab criminal statistics. This development is the outcome of multiple variables _____ economic, social and technological. Pursuant to the broad subject of violence, the present book amplifies many topics of salience ______ definition of violence and violence-related crimes; causes and theories of violence; media and violence-related crimes; city and violence; unemployment and violence; dangers stemming from violence-related crimes; family violence; terrorism; violence-related crimes in the Arab world; and approaches on countering violence- related crimes. The book, in its conclusive section, offers some recommendations. Among the latter, the following stand prominent: 1. An exclusive organ _____ Department of Combating Violence-Related Crimes _____ should be established in each Arab country; and 2. A stable Arab strategy on countering violence- related crimes should be spelled out.