Modernizing Terrorism Combat Agencies

تحديث أجهزة مكافحة الإرهاب وتطوير أساليبها / تأليف محمد مؤنس محب الدين.

محب الدين، محمد مؤنس ; M.Munis Mohib Al-Din (2006)


The present book represents a part of the series that Naif Arab University for Security Sciences has published on combating terrorism through legal and legislative procedures, as well as through channels of international cooperation on combating terrorist crimes and laying down security strategies for countering contemporary terrorism. The book, as a whole, tackles the following subjects. - Roots and Sources of Terrorism. - Techniques on Combating Terrorism. - Forms and Patterns of New Dimensions Associated with Modern Terrorism. - Obstacles Impeding Security Strategies on Combating Terrorism. - International Cooperation on Combating Terrorist Crimes.