Typical standards required for the Arab security forces

المعايير النموذجية المطلوبة لرجل الأمن / عباس أبو شامة.

أبو شامة، عباس ; Abbas Abu-Shameh (1992)


The search to identify the typical standards required in the Arab security forces requires us to identify the nature of the security profession in general, the Arab security officer in particular, by that we can recognize the required features. Taking into account all the circumstances surrounding the Arab security officer and his work, for it helps to highlight the desired qualifications required in the security officer. This book aims to explore the outline of the typical standards required in the Arab security forces and officers. It aims to identify those standards based on the recognition and realization of the important role played by the security officer in the shadows of various variables which will overstep and exceed the traditional security officer if he’s not well-qualified in all aspects of the ongoing war against crime. The book starts by discussing the security body in the Arab region and its legal duties which include the maintenance of public order and security, saving lives, honor and money, crime prevention and control, traffic control, management of prisons, civil defense works, nationality and immigration affairs among many other duties imposed by laws and regulations. The book then moves to talk about the policeman duties, and the conditions required for selection and training, the book also deals with the social level of the security officer and his relation with the public. In conclusion, the book discusses the topic of the discretional jurisdiction and the working personality of the police officer. Also shows the standards of ethics and behavior of the police officer in terms of character, general features, knowledge of modern scientific developments and specialized training, and external appearance, interaction with the public, sincerity and willingness to sacrifice.