Forensic Laboratory and its Role in Detecting Victims of Disasters and Wars

المختبر الجنائي ودوره في التعريف بضحايا الكوارث والحروب / عمر الشيخ الأصم.

الأصم، عمر الشيخ ; Umar Al-Sheikh Al-Assam (2005)


The present study reflects an endeavour to apply scientific approach and employ modern techniques in criminal investigation. It is conducted to remove the ambiguity that surrounds many crimes, bringing criminals to justice and proving the innocence of some persons facing false charges. The study stresses the feasibility of detecting the identity of disasters victims through the use of forensic laboratory. Pursuant to its broad theme, the study expounds on the following subjects: - Forensic Laboratory and Detective Systems of Identification. - Detective Systems of Identification and Self-Delineation Biometric Standards and Assessment. - Detective Systems of Identification and Self-Delineation Biological Tests.