Legal profession in the Judicial system in the Arab Countries

المحاماة في النظام القضائي في الدولة العربية / محمد إبراهيم زيد.

زيد، محمد إبراهيم ; Mohammad Ibrahim Zaid (1987)


The legal profession is considered one of the oldest sciences in ancient and modern societies which helped in the process of civilization development. Today, the legal profession is considered one of the legal sciences and is included in the framework of the basic legal sciences that is based on solid foundations of humanities and mental sciences. This book highlights the topic of legal profession in the judicial system in the Arab countries. The author starts by presenting an introduction to the origins and evolution of the legal profession in comparative legal systems. The book reviews the legal profession in Latin and Anglo-Saxon legal systems. The book then moves to discuss the legal regulations of the legal profession in the Arab legislations, where it discusses the following topics: the position of the Islamic Sharia toward the legal profession, the regulations of law professions in some Arab countries, organizational and administrative structures of bar associations and the conditions required for enrollment in the legal profession, the rights of workers in the legal profession, duties and obligations of the lawyer in the Arab laws, the legal nature of the relationship between the lawyer and the client, the responsibility and discipline of the lawyer in the Arab legislations. The book then deals with legal assistance in criminal proceedings, stressing the right to defense and the right to ensure human rights in the criminal proceeding, referring to the protection of human rights in the international conferences and in Sharia and in positive laws, and the protection of individual liberty in Yemeni legislations. In conclusion, the book deals with the scientific study of the legal regulations for the legal profession, and shows the role of interpretive sciences in the studies of organization of justice, surveys related to the reality of legal profession, the ethical, social and economical requirements for the legal profession and codifying the rules governing law profession in the Arab world.