The Social Care Services in Women’s Prison in Riyadh

خدمات الرعاية الاجتماعية بسجن النساء بالرياض من منظور التخطيط والتطوير / نورة بنت بشير صنهات العتيبي.

العتيبي، نورة بنت بشير صنهات ; Nora Bashir Al-Otaibi (2009)


The book discusses the problem of how much do the social care services in the reforming institutions meet the needs of the women prisoners, and the ways of planning and developing these services to meet the world standards. The book includes nine chapters. The first chapter is a theoretical approach for the study where its problem, importance, objectives, and concepts are presented. Furthermore it talks about the previous studies regarding this subject. The second chapter discusses the concept of prison as a reformative institution in light of the related theories which include prison and the historical development of prisons as well as the purpose of punishment The third chapter talks about the concept of social defense, social services as a part of social defense, the world changes in this regard, the Islamic theory of social defense, and the role of social defense in this regard. The fourth chapter discusses planning for social care services with concentration on the Saudi prison’s social care as an example. The fifth chapter contains field study that uses social survey methodology and uses also descriptive study. In the mean while questionnaire is used as the main tool to collect data. The sixth chapter shows the basic characteristics of the members of the studied samples who are the women prisoners, social workers, planners of the general directorate of Saudi prisons. The seventh and eighth chapters show and analyze the results of the study talking in consideration the questions of the research. At last, the ninth chapter presents planning indicators to build suggested perspective to develop social care services presented to the women prisoners at women’s prison in Riyadh.