Corruption and Organized Crime

الفساد والجريمة المنظمة / محمد الأمين البشري.

البشري، محمد الأمين (2007)


Dr. Muhammad A. Al Bushra wrote a book on the relationship between corruption and organized crime. As a base for his genuine work he expounded on the concepts and dimensions of the corruption phenomenon before delving to a through coverage of the attitudes of corruption, its types and the most dominant patterns. Furthermore, the author enumerated the causes of corruption and its influences. The book attempted a portrayal of the relationship of corruption to organized crime. Along the same line international and regional efforts to fight both corruption and organization received a detailed coverage. In conclusion some salient recommendations were forwarded. They are as follows: - Establishment of a center on collecting and monitoring data about (C) and (OC). - Founding of a pan-Arab data base on (C) and (OC). - Reform and promote procedures on governmental purchases and incorporating such procedures in the laws and official regulatory means. - Develop strategies and work plans in governmental agencies and organs. - Activate independent financial monitoring agencies and delegate to them judicial authorization in their areas of specialization. - Computerize personnel recruitment procedures. - Corrupt individuals should strictly be interrogated and subjected to severe measures of accountability and judjication.