Relationship between Police and the General Prosecution in Developing Countries

العلاقة بين الشرطة والنيابة في الدول العربية

عبد المحمود، عباس أبو شامة ; Abbas Abu Shamah Abdul Mahmud (2006)


The present book affirms the ideal relationships that exist between police and the prosecution in the Arab world. It is ideal in the sense that it tends to serve public interests as best as possible. Also, it reinforces the attainment of security, order and peace in the community. All in all, the book deals with subjects of salience _____ relationship between police and the public prosecution in some non-Arab countries; and relationship between police and the prosecution in Arab countries. In its concluding section, the book offers some recommendations. The most salient are: 1. Importance should be assigned to both police and the prosecution in conducting investigations. 2. The main task of investigation should be assigned to the prosecution since this task requires total neutrality and disinterestedness. 3. Some qualified police officials may be assigned criminal investigation tasks while keeping in touch with daily police activities. 4. Process associated with inquiry and detectiveness in criminal cases should fall within the responsibility spectrum of police officers. As exception, some lawsuits may be entrusted completely to the prosecution. 5. Judicial police should be given the right to issue criminal verdicts in select offences and violations. 6. Police should enjoy the right to decide civil disputes that involve financial liability not exceeding the limits set forth by national legislations.