National Security as a Comprehensive Concept

الأمن الوطني : تصور شامل / فهد بن محمد الشقحاء.

الشقحاء، فهد بن محمد ; Fahd M. Al-Shaqha (2004)


As a whole, the author demonstrates that the security per se commands crucial importance in the present age. In essence, it is considered as vital as food or drinking water. No wonder, the entire mankind is exerting all possible endeavors to pursue the tangible realization of security. The author, in the present book, incorporates Islamic vision on ensuring gracious life to mankind and the sure achievement of national security in its effective form. The book, as a whole, expounds on the following subjects: - Importance of National security; - Areas of National Security; and - Foundations of National Security. The book, in its conclusive section, records some recommendations. Among the latter, the most salient is the need for an effective institution of national security programs to pursue public interests.