Organized Crime: Its Definition, Patterns and Trends

الجريمة المنظمة : التعريف والأنماط والاتجاهات

كارة، مصطفى عبد المجيد (1999)



This book examines the subject of organized crime from a number of angles. It looks at its definition and reality, and its relation to other types of crime. It presents a list of the most common characteristics of organized crime, and, based on this, describes when a particular crime may be termed as ‘organized’. In addition, the book examines organized crime as an international problem; it looks at the problem within the framework of international law and the essential development of these laws in keeping pace with its developments. The book also discusses the sociological effects of organized crime. The patterns and trends of organized crime are looked at, and ideas are put forward as to its future direction. Within this, the book discusses the various dimensions of modern organized crime and looks at how international organized crime may be most effectively studied, observed and researched.