التقاعد / محمد بن صنيتان.

بن صنيتان، محمد ; Mohamed Bin Sanitan ([1991])


Retirement is considered a cross-road in employee’s life, where he starts another phase of life that differs greatly in terms of health, age, money and social circumstances. For some pensioners, retirement is considered a new era of discovering one’s dreams, talents and things of great creativity that could not be shown or done during the period of work. The purpose of conducting this study is to discuss the issue of retirement and to discover the public view of it, to realize the different psychological, social, economic and health related effects of retirement, in addition to dealing with the policies, systems and procedures concerned with the retirement process. The researcher provides a definition of retirement, the phenomenon and its theories moving to comparisons of retirement laws in different countries such as Egypt (Law of Egyptian Police), Kuwait, Morocco, France and Soviet Union. The historical development of retirement in KSA is then viewed, showing the Saudi understanding of the meaning of retirement, whether civilian or military, and the retirement funds. In the end, the role of the media in dealing with the problem of retirement is reviewed, as well as the psychological, health, and socio-economic effects of retirement.