Identification of Fire Arms and Bullets

التعرف على الأسلحة النارية ومقذوفاتها / صلاح الدين مصطفى البرلسي.

البرلسي، صلاح الدين مصطفى ; Salah Al-Din Al-Birlsy (1990)


There is no security system that is empty of specialists of weapons, not only to use them but to identify criminals, how they think, their tools and how they have committed the crime, helping that way to enforce the law and justice. This study throws a spotlight on the issue of guns and their grenades. It starts with a historical glimpse of the stages of development of gunpowder and its usage since the year 1217, and the stages of development since 1446. The researcher then presents a definition of the gun, its parts, shapes, focusing on hand made weapons, their assembly, modifications as well as hunting guns, sound guns and guns with gases. Followed by there is a detailed explanation of gun components, parts and technicalities that matter to the criminal expert, with a deep exploration of the firing tube (size, types and cartridges), as well as the grenades, types, how they work and the importance of the gunpowder used, and its effect on different parts of the body. In the end, the researcher explains different gun shots from the forensic point of view, showing its types, features of injury, the grenade types and how to identify grenades through glass, in addition to a detailed presentation of the substances used to make the grenades and their percentages and the use of this information to identify the grenade.