Security Planning to Face The Era of Globalization

التخطيط الأمني لمواجهة عصر العولمة / [تنظيم] جامعة نايف العربية للعلوم الأمنية.

Abbas Abu Shama and others ; عباس أبو شامة وغيرهم (2006)


This book contains a group of working papers for a number of researchers, which have been discussed in a seminar called: “security planning against the era of globalization”. The first work sheet “globalization and the newborn crime: principles and theories”, the principles and theories of globalization the crime resulting from it, the quantitative and modality relation between the globalization crime phenomenon and the new international system in the shadow of globalization. The second work sheet deals “globalization and crime in the Arabic world”, the role of globalization in finding new crime other than the ones available (smuggling and addiction) like information systems and terror crimes. The third work sheet “the challenges of security plan against globalization”, addresses the essential principles for security planning and the challenges facing it, which most notably is the stability degree in the societies and the increasing crimes. The fourth work sheet discusses “the importance of planning against international corruption”, the globalization of corruption phenomenon and its destructive effects, and specifies some of the scientific axes which can be used for planning against the various form of international corruption. The fifth work sheet deals with “the privacy of planning to prevent globalization crisis”, the opinions rises by the supporters and the ones against the data and the effect of globalization and diagnoses the most notably crises that will come with globalization. As well as it rises the planning as a systematic way against the danger of globalization. The sixth work sheet “the Arabic security strategy against globalization” focuses on the globalization and its security challenges for the Arabic nation, framing the strategic method for the Arabic nation’s security. The seventh work sheet “the security prediction in the era of globalization”, aims to show the security prediction, its importance and its usage fields, as well as it shows the importance of the future awareness and sense to prevent the security dangers. Finally, the eighth work sheet “the intellectual security against globalization”, addresses the effect of the intellectual security, and the interest of the Islamic law in improving the intellectual security. As well as it suggests an awareness model for intellectual security.