The Scientific Investigation to Inspect the Causes of Arsons

التحقيق العلمي للكشف عن مسببات الحريق العمد / عبد الرحمن شعبان عطيات.

عطيات، عبد الرحمن شعبان ; Abdel Rahman Shaaban Ateyyat (1988)


Arsons crimes are increasing in a remarkable way in the whole world, its methods and motives are becoming more complicated with city development and the control of the materialistic values, there are arsons crimes happen for the insurance money, malicious or revengeful, or to hide theft and embezzlement, or an internal motive from a mental illness. This book talks about the scientific investigation role in inspecting the causes of arsons. In the beginning, it deals with the nature of fire and its effects, pointing out that the fire effects limited in two respects; the resulted effects of heat and the resulted from burning of objects and liquid fuels. Then, it reviews means of ignition which include; flames, electrical sources, hot surfaces, firing sparks and static electricity. Next, it addresses methods of arsons, such as; flammable materials such as fuel, fire accelerators, bonfire materials such as matches, lighters, heaters such as electric machines, heaters, electrical switches, liquid fuel such gasoline and ether, gaseous materials (some gases and vapors have ignition features when they are mixed with air such as butane and acetylene) and solids: (when they are fragile, they become a good combustible material such as coal powder). Finally, it addresses the following topics; arson inspection and investigation, collecting evidences from the arson scene, analyzing and inspections methods of the collected evidences which include the following phases; natural inspection, microscopic, chemical and atomic absorption spectrometer inspection.