Public security and its Impact on civilization

الأمن العام وأثره في بناء الحضارة : أبحاث الندوة العلمية السابعة عشرة / المركز العربي للدراسات الأمنية والتدريب.

الرياض) التهامي نقره) ; Thami CPC and others (1990)


The element of security – in terms of availability and spread - represents one of the most important pillars to achieve comprehensive development. It is the paved road that will launch the ship of development toward higher prospects, and without it, achieving rapid and comprehensive development can be elusive if not impossible. This book highlights the topic of public security and its impact on civilization. It begins by discussing the modern concept of comprehensive security and the relation between social progress and national security, the book also addresses the concept of security from the Islamic prospective, indicating its foundations and factors of internal security, national security and Arab national security. The book then discusses the reasons leading to the breach of security system and its related protection measures, referring to political, economical, social, technical, media and legal reasons, also referring to protective measures such as political security, economical security and social security represented in the family, the school and the mosque. The book then deals with the role of security prevalence in the nation’s march toward achieving comprehensive development to meet all the faced challenges, the impact of faith in promoting security and peace from the prospective of Quran and Sunneh, where the book identifies and analyzes the impact of security prevalence (as an independent variable) on the comprehensive development process (as a dependent variable), and shows that the prosperity of society depends on security which is the fruit of righteous faith in Islamic laws and provisions. In conclusion, the book addresses the role of security in the renaissance of society from the prospective of sociology and history events, also reviews the means of internal and external security at national and regional levels.