Economic Consequences of Traffic Accidents

الآثار الاقتصادية لحوادث المرور / راضي عبد المعطي السيد.

السيد، راضي عبد المعطي ; Rady Abd Al Mo’ate Al Sayyed (2008)


Traffic accidents and the resulting human and material losses are considered as major problems that communities face. Moreover, the increasing number of losses has negative impact on development, and leaves handicapped people, casualties, and sad families. In addition to that, the number of causalities and deaths caused by car accidents is more than that caused by some diseases. This study aims to answer some questions of determining the causes of traffic accidents during practice, its economic dimensions and the economic implications of such incidents in addition to the economic returns of safety procedures and how to reduce these effects and to achieve positive results in this field. This study includes four chapters. The first chapter addresses the concept of a traffic accident and the economic dimension of it, through explaining the economic concept of traffic accident traffic awareness and the factors influencing it. Chapter two displays traffic accidents: types, various dimensions, elements, reality, causes and its economic dimension. The third chapter discusses the economic costs of traffic accidents through the economic reality of the countries and its relationship to traffic accidents, the size and seriousness of traffic accidents globally, regionally and the economic losses resulting from traffic accidents. Finally, Chapter four contains measures of traffic safety and its economic revenue, the importance of evaluation and assessment of revenue and the cost of traffic accidents.