Arab Citizens' Attitude towards Security People: An Empirical Study on the Jordanian Society

اتجاهات المواطن العربي نحو رجل الأمن : دراسة تطبيقية على المجتمع الأردني / محمد إبراهيم الطراونة.

الطراونة، محمد إبراهيم ; Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Tarawneh (2008)


The modern concept of police is extended to cover the community political, economic, and social security. The awareness of security among citizens became a shared responsibility of all institutions of the society, which is reflected obviously on the security of combating all forms of crime. Thus, reflected on the relationship between a security man and the citizen. This study aims to identify citizens’ attitudes towards the security man or woman in the Arab world, and at identifying the impact of demographic, social and economic variables on citizens’ attitudes towards security people. This study includes four chapters. The first chapter addresses the general framework of the study such a problem, importance, goals, assumptions, concepts and determinants of study in addition to previous studies. Chapter two addresses the ethics of security men, and the criteria for the security man in manners and morals, Along with the causes of a weak relationship between the citizen and the security man and how to improve it. The third chapter explains the methodology of the study (method and procedures) and displays the methodology, tool, sample and population of the study (all segments of Jordanian society) along with data collection strategy. Finally, chapter four presents the results of the field study and discusses them