Police and Human Rights

أعمال ندوة الشرطة وحقوق الإنسان / نظمتها أكاديمية نايف العربية للعلوم الأمنية.

مناع خليل القتان ; Mnaa khalil ktan and athers (2001)


The relation between the police and human rights is considered a relation of conscious, religion and law, that the police is the direct communication link between the executive authority and the human, as human rights are put to the test of respect or violation. Hence the importance of police awareness of human rights, because it’s the entrance of the authority to respect or violate human rights when police are entrusted with citizens. This book presents a range of topics that revolves around the axis of the police and human rights; where most of these topics discusses human rights in both Sharia and positive laws (man – made), the book also addresses the performance of police duties and the preservation of human rights and dignity which are guaranteed by Islamic laws and the adopted man – made laws. The book indicates that the police carry out a large part of responsibility for security and law enforcement in the community, also indicates that the police practice their preventive functions prior to the occurrence of the crime by removing its causes, as the preventive role of police is considered the basic role, and if this role fails, the police then resorts to arrest, investigation, monitoring and inspection. The topics of this book included: human rights in Islamic laws, the police and human rights in the Islamic law, the role of police and human rights in the light of international treaties, police and human rights in the stage of investigating the crime, police and human rights from the national prospective, the police and human rights in the penal institution.