Impact of Job and Personality Factors on Job Satisfaction and Output Efficiency

أثر العوامل الوظيفية والشخصية على الرضا الوظيفي وكفاية الأداء / سيف بن صالح الدلبحي.

الدلبحي، سيف بن صالح ; Saif Saleh Al-Dalbhi (2002)


The present book represents an endeavor to devise operational strategies for assisting security organizations on improving their performance standard. The latter is imperative. For, it facilitates the tangible achievement of job satisfaction among personnel. This indeed is the most cherished objective of each organization. Linked with this objective is another objective of equal import _____ development of effective relationship between organization and its personnel. Job satisfaction reinforces the realization of this objective as well. The book, as a whole, expounds on the following subjects. -Methodological Bases of Study. -Theoretical Concepts on Job Satisfaction. -Applied Framework of Study. The book, in its conclusive section, records same recommendations that pertain following dimensions: A.Satisfaction with salaries; B.Satisfaction with job assignments; C.Satisfaction with leadership and supervision; D.Satisfaction with work team; E.Satisfaction with promotion and job progress; and F.General recommendations.