Opinions in the Typical Preparation of Security People

آراء في الإعداد النموذجي لرجل الأمن / المركز العربي للدراسات الأمنية والتدريب.

الفريق يحىي المعلمي ; Yahya almoalimi and others (1988)


The interest of preparing the security man is one of the essential things to improve the performance in the security field, where the preparation of the security man is the essential factor to develop the police work and the security services. This book includes several topics about the typical preparation of the security man. In the beginning, it talks about the morals of the Arab security man, and points to the characteristics which he must has such as; self- discipline, calm tempers, humility, self-sacrifice and self-denial, proficiency of performance, good appearance, honesty and loyalty. Then it reviews the Islamic origins of Police and security men, it presents an introduction of police in the Islamic history such as; prophecy time, the orthodox caliphs, Omayyad and Abbasid’s time in Egypt, Africa and Andalusia. Next, it addresses the typical form to prepare the security man, where it shows the definition of training, goals, types and its typical forms. It also points to some considerations to be taken before setting the security men training strategy. Finally, it talks about the police and human rights, clarifying that protecting and respecting human rights must be one of the society goals which must be protected by many methods and law is one of these methods, where the Police is one of the nation’s tools to apply the law to maintain order and security, so its presence in a legal relationship with people, protects and respects human rights.