Appointing, Promoting and Transferring Systems and Standards in the Arab Security Services

نظم ومعايير التعيينات والترقيات والتنقلات في أجهزة الأمن العربية

القريوتي، محمد قاسم ; Mohammad Qasim Qaryouti (1997)



Security management plays a crucial and essential role in accomplishing the tasks to ensure the security of your security in any modern society. No matter how developed techniques used by security personnel at the present time, characterized by precision and efficiency, the human element remains the most important pillars of the security operation. This study deals with the systems and criteria for appointing and promoting in the public security organs in the Arab countries, in order to learn the foundations established in these areas, seeking to improve the process and access to the input of a good human elements in these devices, which form the backbone of the security of Arab public. The importance in that lies in the fact that it provides some of the proposals and specific recommendations that would be useful in developing systems of recruiting and promoting of security officers, helping the Arab security services in the development of human resources to be able to meet the challenges that lie ahead in the field of security of the individual and society in the Arab region. The researcher speaks of the beginning of human resources planning, where he describes and analyzes the workload, the turnover of work, jobs, jobs restructuring in terms of identifying competencies and levels. Then moves on to talk about the scientific basis for appointing, where he discusses the recruitment procedures, experience and installation. Then he deals with the scientific basis for promoting, explaining the concept, objectives, programs, policies and systems of upgrading. In conclusion, he mentions the features of appointing and promoting systems in Arab security services.