United Nations Standards in the Field of Criminal Justice and Crime Prevention

معايير الأمم المتحدة في مجال العدالة الجنائية ومنع الجريمة

البشري، محمد الأمين ; أحمد، محسن عبد الحميد ; Mohammed Al-Bashari : Mohsen Ahmed (1998)



The program of the United Nations to prevent crime and criminal justice focuses for the time being on promoting the use of United Nations’ standards and norms that already exist and not working creating new standards and norms. This book deals with United Nations standards in the field of criminal justice and crime prevention. And shows that these norms and rules have been issued after a lengthy procedure and discussions contributed by member countries of the United Nations. And that the legislations and traditions of member countries have been taken into account when making the rules and norms of the United Nations. Therefore, the United Nations’ agreements came, respecting the right of the citizens and the national sovereignty reasons. This book includes as a whole on each of the standards and general rules, which the most important are: the general standard, judiciary authority and law enforcement, juvenile justice, criminals treatment, victims protection and the organized crime. Agreements include: convention on the rights of the child, the prohibition of slave trading and exploiting the prostitution of others, anti torturing and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, and a model agreement on the transfer of foreign prisoners. Treaties include: the model treaty of mutual assistance in criminal matters, transfer of proceedings in criminal matters, extradition of criminals, transfer of supervision on criminals that are conditionally sentenced or conditionally released, and the prevention of crimes that infringe on people's cultural heritage inherited in the form of movable property.