Measuring the Security Awareness of the Arab Public

قياس الوعي الأمني لدى الجمهور العربي / تأليف مصطفى النصراوي.

النصراوي، مصطفى ; Mostafa Al-Nasrawy (1992)


Security awareness by the Arab public is becoming an increasingly important issue especially after the development of the definition of security from a narrow scope limited to the security officers and the authorities to become a shared national duty. This study starts with a clarification of the two sides of security awareness, prevention and treatment, along with some historical aspects for the definition of security in Islam and the relation between security awareness and crime. The researcher then examines the variables of measuring security awareness of the Arab public on a strong basis of not provoking criminals to commit crimes, dealing with security officers, dealing with criminals, not trying to hide any fugitives, testimony, respecting the law and realizing the importance of security awareness. A comparison of social awareness between different classes is drawn such as traders, farmers, employees, workers and students showing their different points of view in security issues. In the end, he shows that the point is not making more laws, since laws are made to be broken but the point is making the civilian more aware of its personal and national duties towards security.