Victomology and Its Applications in Arab Countries

علم ضحايا الجريمة وتطبيقاته في الدول العربية / محمد الأمين البشري.

البشري، محمد الأمين ; M. Al-Amin Al-Bushri (2005)


The present book represents a modest endeavor to promote the role of society in the system of criminal justice through crime victims and their legitimate rights. The book has expounded on the following subjects: - Victomology: Origin, Evolution and Functions. - Crime Victims: definition. - Crime Victims and the System of Criminal Justice. - Applications of Justice to Crime Victims in the Arab Countries. The book has offered some recommendations. The most important are: 1. Action should be taken on issuing national legislations related to the treatment of crime victims 2. University educational curricula as well as curricula in police colleges and judicial institutes should incorporate courses on “Victomology” as a new discipline. 3. The local community should play a role that would promote the protection of rights of crime victim. 4. Principle of justice to the victims of crime and abuse of authority should be put into operation. 5. Action should be taken to meet the needs of crime victims. 6. Establishment of voluntary groups on assisting crime victims should be encouraged.