Ways of Producing Awareness Media Programs to Prevent Drugs Damages

طرق إنتاج برامج التوعية الإعلامية للوقاية من أضرار المخدرات / أحمد مطهر عقبات.

عقبات، أحمد مطهر ; Ahmed Mtahar Akabat (2008)


The awareness case of harmful effects of drugs, and the prevention of its diffusion, is considered as a national duty, draws attention to the entrances of media work, by combining between its various arts to harness them to hone the main concern in order to prevent the diffusion of this lesion, according to the features of every single media way, and any kind of written – documentary – enlightening – technical – dramatic arts. And to survey the influence and persuasion basis to prevent from drugs by exploiting the capabilities of advanced technology and the consequent developments of the helping media connectivity, and to quote the craftsmanship and professional methods alternatively, for the program to appear rich in its contents, watched, and acceptable in its showing way. This study aims to clarify the awareness role of the modern media, starting from its features, techniques and its mechanisms uses in the drug awareness field and preventing its diffusion by using persuading methods and effective ways, through the successive media programs which tends to craftsmanship in its production as theoretical guide to make guiding-dramatic paragraphs, to meet the future’s expectations and helping it to look for drug damages, and the importance of eliminating them in the Islamic society. The study is limited to (the descriptive presentation of the awareness programs to prevent the drugs damages) in narrow definitions and damages deals, due to the recent scientific seminars which took this subject from its various aspects. This book contains two chapters. The first chapter deals with the case of the media and the drugs, where it displays the following addresses: - The media and the case of drugs. - The awareness role of the modern media and the persuading entrances for the awareness programs against the drugs. - Finally, the ways of producing media programs to prevent drugs damages. The second chapter deals with the professional role of media in making awareness programs of drugs damages through the printed media, radio programs and Television programs.