Victims of Crime

ضحايا الجريمة / المركز العربي للدراسات الأمنية والتدريب.

محمد عارف عثمان ; Mohammed Arif Osman and others (1990)


An international attention has been given recently to the study of victims of crimes especially during the conferences organized by the United Nations which deal with crimes and offenders. One of these conferences was held in 1985 .It dealt with victims of crime as the main topic and all the discussions were about it. This book includes a range of subjects that shed light on the issue of victims of crime. Firstly, it presents the conceptual strategy and methodology for the study of victims of crime in the Arab World, where it clarifies the disclosure of the victim’s role in a criminal act, the characteristics of each, and the treatment of victims in the criminal justice system. After that, the writer discusses topics and issues relating to the identification of victims and the target groups of the crime in the Arab World. In addition to that he will show the relationship between victims and the lack of social equality. Next, it explains the role of Islamic law in decreasing the number of crimes as well as the number of victims. Finally, the researcher presents the criminal justice systems in terms of vulnerability and their impact on victims of crime. He gives examples about the phenomenon in Egyptian society. He also highlights the procedures followed when an incident crime reported to the police, not compromising the evidence and the crime scene and others. In addition to the way of dealing with the offender, such as reading him his rights and detaining him for interrogation.