The Criminal Personality and Crime Motives

شخصية المجرم ودوافع الجريمة / عبد الرحمن العيسوي.

العيسوي، عبد الرحمن ; Abdel Al-rahman Al-Issawi (1990)


A psychotic is incapable to understand the moral rules in the society, therefore the claim that he is living according to the moral standards and values in a false claim. Such person is an actor who performs a role but without passion or emotion and he lacks the sense of anxiety and guilt. This book deals with the criminal personality and the crime motives. It reviews a comprehensive and a fast view to the affecting factors of emerging crime and corruption or the mental, psychological, social and economic motives lies behind crime, which had started in early childhood time and may extend to the genetic origins. The book clarifies that the characteristics of the anti-society personality has a major importance in prevention against those characteristics and features, as well as identifying the criminal personality, it is also useful in revealing the scientific explanation and inspection of the minors and elders crimes and finally it is useful in setting the convenient programs for prevention. The most important topics that it discusses are; the characteristics of the anti-society personality, the scientific study of the crime, the modern explanation of minors’ crimes, the effecting factors to crime emergence, sexual crimes, inspecting crimes and identifying criminals, methods of treating criminals and fighting crime, using the psychological principles in reformation, minors crime treatment and prevention methods, the Islamic view of treatment and prevention methods, the economic, social and psychological security in Islamic Sharia and Islam role in providing family bonding.