The Role of The Educational Institutions To Prevent Drug Abuse

دور المؤسسات التربوية في الحد من تعاطي المخدرات / مركز الدراسات والبحوث، جامعة نائف العربية للعلوم الأمنية.

مركز الدراسات والبحوث ; Rashad Ahmad Abdul Latif and others (2008)


This book contains on a group of working papers for a number of researches that have been discussed in a seminal called “The role of educational institutions in the reduction of drug abuse” The first work sheet contains “Preventive methods to face the problem of drug abuse”, the concept of prevention and preventive policy to face the problem of drug abuse, its entrances, and their own goals. The second work sheet paper discusses “the preventive role of the educational institutions to reduce drug abuse”, the preventive programs, that by them and through them, the educational institutions themselves participate in preventing drug abuse in the society as a whole, and they work specially on preventing the students of the educational institution from drug abuse. The third work sheet” the educational institutions and their role in raising awareness of drugs’ dangers”, addresses a reality, methods, and the role of the educational institutions to expand the awareness of the drugs’ dangers, and also talks about the most important obstacles that prevents the effectiveness of the educational institutions to expand the awareness of the drug’ dangers. The fourth work sheet “the role of the high schools in Riyadh area to expand the awareness to prevent drug abuse”, a field study aims to know the awareness methods of drugs damages in the high schools in Riyadh area, and to know the most important methods used with the student that looks they use drugs, and to know the times these symptoms appear frequently on them. The fifth work sheet” the psychological factors and their effect in drug abuse”, is aiming to specify some of the psychological factors that have a connection in the problem of drug abuse, like the base personality factors, neurotic and psychotic, aggressive attribute, looking for excitement attribute, concern, effective and self-control, method of parental education. The sixth work sheet” the educational and security cooperation to prevent the expanding of drugs”, the cooperation between educational institutions and the security services in the field of reducing the demand for drugs. The seventh work sheet “ cooperation between the national commissions and the educational institutions to prevent the expand of drugs”, focusing on the role of national commissions against drugs, and the educational institutions against scourge of drugs, and to know the mechanism of this cooperation to prevent the expand of drugs.