Human Rights and Security Measures

حقوق الإنسان والإجراءات الأمنية : دراسة مقارنة / معجب بن معدي الحويقل.

الحويقل، معجب بن معدي ; Mujib bin Madi Al-Huwaiqal (2006)


All in all, the present book affirms the importance of effecting and maintaining a delicate balance between twin facets _____ human rights protection; and the application of security measures. These may affect man in the present age or compromise his rights. As a whole, the present book expounds on important topics _____ historical development of human rights; security measures; activating lawsuits; violating privacy of individuals. Included in the latter are three important spheres: A. Housing; B. Listening Secretly; and C. Photography.