The Development of the Arab Security Media

تطوير الإعلام الأمني العربي

بدر، عبد المنعم محمد ; Abdel Moneim Badr (1997)



The Arab nation in the last few decades witnessed and still witnessing great changes, total or partial changes, and large-scale rise in various fields, including in the area of security media. This book focuses on the development of the Arab security media, and aims to discover the security media programs and activities implemented in the Arab countries, it also aims to discover the dimension of the role the relevant security media devices do in Arab countries, and to discover the attitude of citizens and residents from the Arabic security media developing programs. In the beginning, the book talks about the media and the active security media, whereas it discusses the media as a social phenomenon and shows its growing importance and influence, also it clarifies the active media. Then moves on to talk about the reality of the media and security media, reviewing the evolutionary march of the Arab security media, and the difficulties it is facing, which include: the modest capabilities and capacities, it doesn’t have an identity, it is national and governmental and non-coherent, it is emotional far from factual, it is scientific and unable to contain the citizens, and it addresses security issues in modest inefficient ways. Finally, the book introduces a suggestion to develop the Arab security media, it starts from many considerations, the most important are: the difficulties that looked obvious in the entity of the Arab media in general, and in the Arab security media in particular, the results of the meetings of the Arab security and public media, and the recommendations made by their activities, development, developmental, comprehensive and integrated vision, where all essential and subsidiary things are balanced.