Planning Security Awareness Program on Opinion Formation Against Crime

تخطيط برامج التوعية الأمنية لتكوين رأي عام ضد الجريمة / أديب محمد خضور.

خضور، أديب محمد ; Adib M.Khadur (2003)


The present book represents a part of the series contributed by Naif Arab University for Security Sciences on the dissemination of security awareness. The central intent is to ensure crime prevention. It is important to note at this point that the above cited series represent response to the goal-oriented media strategy. The latter strive to boost public opinion against crime. As a whole, the present work expounds on the following topics: - Identification of Concepts: Media and Security Concepts. - Media and Crime. - Theoretical Framework of Security Awareness Strategy and the Formation of Public Opinion Against Crime. - Framework of Communication on Arab Security Awareness. - Components and Areas of Public Strategy on Security . The book, in its conclusive section, suggests a security awareness strategic plan and the tangible formulation of public opinion against crime in the Arab world.