A Guide on Investigation and Criminal Inquiry

المرشد للتحقيق والبحث الجنائي

الحويقل، معجب بن معدي ; Mojab Ahoiql (2003)



As a whole, the present work represents a response to the intellectual needs encountered by security academicians and other intelligencsia working on the broad area of security concerns. This book tends to fill an important gap. It removes the deficiency that is vividly conspicuous in an Arab security library. The present work provides a collection of basic elements on criminal investigation and practical bases of investigation. Included in the latter are procedural perspectives with legal norms and Sharia injunctions. Pertinent details enrich the discourse. The present book provides illuminations on the following topics. - Criminal Investigation: Definition, Development and Procedures - Criminal inquiry: Concept, Sources _____ Personal and Supervisory. In substance, the book incorporates sufficient information on the modern techniques of investigation by employing modern devices. The latter are indispensable to serve the intellectual pursuits of keen researches.