Returning to Crime through Psycho- Social Prospective

العود للجريمة من منظور نفسي اجتماعي / فاروق سيد عبد السلام.

عبد السلام، فاروق سيد ; Farouq S Abdelsalam (1989)



Some societies treat their individuals’ behavior deviations by various means. They aim to bring the offenders and delinquents back to the right path, which is accepted by the group who wants to ensure its safety, survival and continuity. This research sheds light on the phenomenon of recidivism and how to deal with it from the psychological and social view. The author aims to study the personal and social varieties, the mental characteristics of the offender after his return, and the relationship between social variables on one hand and psychological characteristics on the other hand. The researcher shows that the phenomenon of recidivism of the crime is the study of the criminal’s behavior, whether he is an adult or a juvenile. This study may help all the responsible people for the social dense to modify their policies, strategies or legislations to deal with crimes. It also explains how researches that deal with criminals may provide clues about the circumstances and factors leading to crime, hence, such researches may help in taking preventive measures to prevent the crime. In conclusion, he ensures that all the findings show that the personal, social, biological and genetic factors cannot affect positively or negatively unless the individual’s psychological profile has been changed. If someone’s psychological profile becomes bad and some unstable features appear, it is expected to see collapse in his character or by committing crimes.