Recidivism Towards Deviation Within the Context of Social Factors

العود إلى الانحراف في ضوء العوامل الاجتماعية / صالح بن محمد آل رفيع العمري.

العمري، صالح بن محمد آل رفيع ; Saleh M.Al-Rafi Al-Umri (2002)


The present work represents a part of the series contributed by Naif Arab University for Security Sciences on anti-deviation awareness. The underlying intent is to restrain people from falling into the trap of deviationists. The book, as a whole, expounds on the following subjects: -Some Explanatory Trends on Deviationism and Recidivism Towards Deviation. -Some Social Factors Contributing to Deviation Recidivism: A.Family B.School C.Companions D.Leisure Time. -Juvenile Delinquents and Social Care of Juvenile Delinquents at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. -Social and Primary Demographic Characteristics of Delinquents. -Reasons and Factors Explaining Delinquents Deviance. -Role of Correctional Institutions on Delinquents Care.