Family Violence in the Fight of Globalization

العنف الأسري في ظل العولمة / تأليف عباس أبو شامة عبد المقصود، محمد الأمين البشري.

عبد المحمود، عباس أبو شامة ; البشري، محمد الأمين ; Abbas Abu Shamah; and M. Al-Amin Al-Bushra (2005)


The present book presents an issue of crucial significance to the internal community and human rights organizations in the present age. This is the phenomenon of family violence which is closely linked to international norms and human behavior during the present era of globalization variables. As a whole, the present book presents a detailed exposition of the following topics: - Concept of Family Violence and its Dimensions. - Globalization and Arab Family Violence. - Methods of Countering Family Violence. The book incorporates some recommendations, the most salient of which are: 1. A concerted action should be taken to inculcate a tangible conviction that family violence prevails in Arab societies as an unfortunate phenomenon. 2. Tangible action should be taken to develop Islamic values both among families and communities. 3. Voluntary and benevolent foundations should be given momentum to assist solving problems associated with family violence. 4. Developed programs on child care should be presented. These problems will assist family care indirectly. 5. Problem of crime statistics in Arab countries should be resolved.