Bank Robbery from a Criminal’s Prospective

السطو على المصارف من منظور المجرم / فولفجانج سيرفي، يورجن ريم ؛ ترجمة عبد القادر أحمد عبد الغفار.

سيرفي، فولفجانج ; ريم، يورجن ; عبد الغفار، عبد القادر أحمد مترجم. ; Folfilg Sirfy Yorgan Reem ([1987])


This book talks about bank robbery in Germany, it aims to reform the bank robbery factors, showing that the acquired knowledge of the criminal behavior and methods can form a scientific base which the strategy of fighting crime can lean on. In the beginning, it talks about the relationship between the criminal knowledge and criminology pointing out that knowing this relationship is getting deeper by researching in criminology. Then, it reviews the traditional bank robbery, showing that this kind of robbery is specialized in executing the crime during the bank working hours, and by that there is a possibility to kidnap hostages, to blackmail or escape. Next, it addresses the social criminals’ backgrounds and motives, where it clarifies the bank robbery crimes are committed to gain money, aggressive motives or a hidden behavior which considered being the basic motive of crime. It also talks about planning of the crime and the escape after execution, pointing to the most important factors of choosing the bank to commit bank robbery, which includes; good escape possibilities, the small size of the bank due to the small number of customers and the quiet location. Finally, it deals with bank robbery in Germany, clarifying the main characteristics of the bank robbery criminals, the crime path, the execution of the traditional bank robbery and the future of bank robbery crime.