Political and Legal Rights of the Immigrants and Persons Bearing Dual Nationality: Egypt as Model

الحقوق السياسية والقانونية للمهاجرين ومزدوجي الجنسية : جمهورية مصر العربية نموذجا / عادل عبد المقصود عفيفي.

عفيفي، عادل عبد المقصود ; Adil A. Afif (2004)



As a whole, the present work deals with a social problem of prime importance _____ political and legal rights of the immigrants and persons holding dual citizenship. In expounding the subject at hand, the author offers Egypt as model. In substance, the author casts illuminations on multiple issues _____ political and legal rights of people bearing dual nationalities; rights of the persons bearing dual citizenship to be nominated as members of the Peoples Councils; and an analytical study on the Judicial Council of Egypt. The book, in its conclusive passages, presents details on select case studies that held dual citizenship.