Arab Legislations on Combating Modern Fraud-Related Crimes

التشريعات العربية لمواجهة جرائم الاحتيال المعاصرة / عبد القادر عبد الحفيظ الشيخلي.

الشيخلي، عبد القادر عبد الحفيظ ; Abdul Qadir A. Al-Sheikhli (2005)


The present study sheds light on the legal standing of fraud-related crimes as viewed in the context of legislations current in Arab countries. Comparative analysis forms an integral part of this presentation with the object of identifying points of convergence or divergence between them. The book also tends to identify the new techniques used in fraud – related crimes and how panel provisions in Arab legislations confront them. Finally, it offers a suggestive approach on a model law handling such crimes. The present book tackles the following subjects: - Fraud – Related Crimes: Nature, Components, and Criminal Penalty. - Crimes Linked to Frauds: Giving a Forged Cheque, and Illegitimate Exploitation of Poverty. The book, in its conclusive section, offers some recommendations including the following: 1. Importance should be given to drafting uniform Arab legal system on combating fraud-related crimes. 2. There is need to inflict detention penalty for each fraud-related crime. In addition, a fine should be imposed on every additional crime falling within the spectrum of frauds. 3. Developed techniques of frauds should be criminalized. These are actualized through Internet. 1. There is need to develop electronic calculation devices and computers for control and watch. 2. Expansion should be provided to the preventive policy ensuring advance protection against crime. 3. Review of legal provisions dealing with fraud – related crimes should be made after each two years. This review should include penalty status as well.