Addiction to Intoxicant: Prevention and Treatment methods

الإدمان على المسكر : سبل الوقاية والعلاج / المركز العربي للدراسات الأمنية والتدريب.

الرياض) ; Group of Researchers (1983)


The behavior of addicting intoxicant is one of the sick behaviors which show the incompatibility of the addicted with himself and his environment including his family and society. Addiction to intoxicant affect negatively on the individual’s personality in a way which he will not be able to be an effective member in his society. This book includes several topics about addiction to intoxicant and methods of treatments and prevention. In the beginning, it talks about alcohol, which presents a full definition of the intoxicant, sources, methods of preparation, its uses in medicine and pharmacology, making perfumes and others. Then, it talks about addiction to intoxicant clarifying its definition, the factors behind its differences between people regarding; person’s personality, health and nutrition, tendency to intoxicant and for how long he has used intoxicant. Next, it clarifies phases of addicting alcohol which are; post addiction, warning from addiction, addiction and then chronic addiction. Then, it addresses reasons of addiction such as; weakness or disturbance in religion, disturbances in upbringing especially in the childhood phase and the social status of the individual. Finally, it talks about the methods of treatment and prevention of addiction, methods of the Islamic Sharia of fighting intoxicant addiction and treating intoxicant addiction.