Security Repercussions of Using Internet by the Youth

الآثار الأمنية لاستخدام الشباب للإنترنت / علي بن عبد الله عسيري.

عسيري، علي بن عبد الله ; Ali Abdullah Asiri (2004)


The book, as a whole, represents an endeavour made by the Naif Arab University for Security Sciences towards countering security repercussions that stem from modern innovations. Internet is one such example. Its use by the youth is, in reality, a sheer abuse. It is, therefore, accompanied with security consequences. The book, on its part, suggests alternative solution. It urges upon the youth to adhere to moral and intellectual standards. By changing the deviant orientations of the youth, it is hoped that they will render constructive contributions towards Arab society and crime prevention. The book, as a whole, expounds on multiple subjects of salience. There are in order: - Historical and Applied Background of Internet. - Use of Internet: Positive and Negative Dimensions. - Use of Internet by the Arab Youth. - Security Repercussions Stemming from the Use of Internet. - Channels of Promoting Positive Aspects of Internet. The present book ends with constructive findings and tangible recommendations.