Perspectives on Modern Criminal Policy and Islamic Sharia

اتجاهات السياسة الجنائية المعاصرة والشريعة الإسلامية / محمد بن المدني بوساق.

بوساق، محمد بن المدني ; M.Al-Madni Busaq (2002)


The present study represents a modest contribution on perspectives of modern criminal policy and its comparison with identical perspectives enshrined in Islamic Sharia. As a whole, the present study expounds on the following subjects: -Implications of Criminal Policy in Sharia and Modern Laws. -Perspectives on Modern Criminal Policy -Criminal Policy in Islamic Sharia -Observations on Modern Criminal Policy Perspectives within the Context of Sharia. The book, in its concluding pages, affirms that applications of Islamic Sharia serve an important determinant on ensuring protection against crime. Also, it affirms that it is applicable to all situations and in times and climes. Finally, it states that penalties prescribed in Sharia are adequate solutions to ensure viable protection against crime.