Security crisis Operation Management

إدارة عمليات الأزمات الأمنية / سعد بن علي الشهري.

الشهري، سعد بن على بن ربحان ; Saad A. Al-Sharani (2005)


The present book affirms the importance of security in the present age which is replete with successive political, economic and security crises apart from other individual worries and social problems. This book sheds light on an important aspect of confronting security crises, namely the practical and procedural aspect. The book, as whole, deals with the following subjects: - Basic Concepts on the Management of Security Crises. - Organizing the Management of Security Crises. - Chief of Security Forces and His Associates. - Processes of Security Crisis. - Process of Security Organization. The book, in its conclusive passages, incorporates some guidelines and advice to the security negotiator. The following are salient: - Maintaining calmness and control over nerves as well as unperturbed mental concentration. - Demonstrating willingness to extend assistance to the needy. - Establishing a constructive dialogue and listening carefully to all parties. - Staying away from deceptions associated with false valour, bravery ad manhood. - Saving time. - Remembering that a negotiator is in no sense a decision-maker. - Raising open questions soliciting document or any supported and explanatory responses. - Abstaining from negotiating at personal level. - Devoting attention to the hostages and especially the wounded. - Being careful not to pursue face – to – face approach in negotiations.